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Quality Electric Furnace Services in Midland and Surrounding Areas

You have a range of choices when it comes to heating systems. For furnaces, the most commonly-used fuel is natural gas, but certain areas may not have access to a gas line. An electric furnace can be an ideal alternative for such spaces. At Fred Hook Limited, we offer electric furnaces that can provide uniform heat distribution continuously throughout your property. With quiet operation and precision qualities, our furnaces will ensure uninterrupted comfort. Our team offers the complete installation of electric heating systems for residential and commercial buildings. We can also convert your existing oil or gas-based heating system to an electric one.

Ductless Mini-splits/Heat Pumps

If you want to maximize the energy efficiency of your HVAC systems in all climates, ductless heat pumps, also known as ductless mini-splits can prove to be an ideal option. By using electricity, they transfer heat from cool spaces to warm areas. As a heat pump helps in transferring instead of generating heat, it can maintain comfortable temperatures at minimal power.


These HVAC solutions are considered a smart choice for homes and businesses and are similar to a window AC unit. The ductless mini-splits operate using a wall-mounted indoor unit to provide air and an outdoor condenser unit. They are available in single-zone or multi-zone units. As no ductwork is required, this is a flexible option for spaces with no existing ducts, such as a garage or new home addition.

Electric Furnaces

An electric furnace is an advanced HVAC solution widely used in homes, businesses and industries for accurate temperature control. This can be installed in your basement, garage, or attic. Since an electric furnace does not use oil or gas and does not employ fire to heat your space, it is a far safer option. It also eliminates the possibility of gas leaks. Typically, electric furnaces cost less than gas or oil-fueled models of similar sizes and come with a very long life span.

Professional Repairs and Installations

Our furnace repair and installation services can help you enhance the longevity of your system.

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